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Monday 6 April 2020

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A Neighbourhood Plan will set out where new development will go, what kind of development it will be, and what sort of social and leisure facilities are needed to make our parish a better place to live and work. The alternative to preparing and adopting a Neighbourhood Plan is to live with continued inappropriate development pressure: to be forced into a reactive approach as we are now, responding to each planning application as it is made. Loggerheads Parish Council took the first step in the neighbourhood planning process in April when it decided it was time to apply to the Borough Council for assistance.

First Step Successful The application to Newcastle Borough Council to designate a Neighbourhood Area was approved in September 2015. The area covers the whole parish.  Click here to see the designated area

Second step sorted A Neighbourhood Working Group met for the first time In October and agreed a plan of action to turn an idea into reality. The Group is made up of councillors from each of the 4 wards in the parish, Ashley, Loggerheads, Mucklestone and Tyrley and residents who have volunteered their time and skills to make it happen. They are keen for other residents to join them so please watch the website for updates.

What happens next? There are two main activities going on over the coming months until the summer next year. An important part of the process is local consultation which will start in January with a survey delivered to every home in the parish. This will be your chance to have your views taken into account on issues such as housing, facilities, transport and the environment locally. This will be used to identify key themes and issues and these will be used to inform the vision and aims for the plan. At the same time the team will be gathering evidence from other sources such as the borough and county councils and national census statistics. In the summer next year a draft Neighbourhood Plan will be prepared and you will be again be given the opportunity to have a say on its content.


October 2017 - At last the draft Plan is ready for consultation, before a final plan is submitted to the Borough Council. This will start on Friday 3rd November and run for 6 weeks till Friday 15th December.  Your views are important so please look at the plan or the summary of policies and see if you agree with the Neighbourhood Working Groups draft plan.

If you would like to get involved in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan then contact the Clerk. Help will be needed in a variety of ways, including organising workshops for residents, attending workshops to share your views on housing, local services, the local environment; and distributing leaflets throughout the area.