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The following files have been used to provide the evidence to support the policies in the neighbourhood plan.

  Housing Needs Assessment V5.1 final june17.docx

Housing needs update July 2017

Loggerheads Neighbourhood Plan Residents Survey report 2016 final version..pdf


Key Messages from the Residents Survey - Loggerheads.pdf

Business survey report final version.pdf

Neighbourhood Plan Young Peoples Questionnaire 2016.docx

Loggerheads RuralPlaceProfile_E04008949_Loggerheads Parish.docx

Loggerheads Character Assessment update Dec 17.docx

Environmental Characteristics (1).docx

Landscape Use & Agricultural land class

Local Green Space DesignationsV3.pdf 

Heritage assets in Loggerheads.pdf

Heritage assets in Ashley.pdf

Heritage assets in Tyrley.pdf

Heritage assets in Mucklestone.pdf


Briefing Notes For Health And Wellbeing.docx

BUSINESS CASE for community facilities (1).docx

Questionnaire results for use of Market Drayton Road report

Neighbourhood Statement final3.docx

Neighbourhood Statement Annex A.docx

Annex B Neighbourhood statement.docx

NuLBC Issues consulation response March16.docx

Loggerheads Feasibility community project Feb 2017

NuLBC Joint_Strategic_Housing_Market_Assessment

NuLBC Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2017

NuLBC Strategic Housing Land Availibility Assessment 2017 FINAL ReportAL 21-7-17

NuLBC Appendix A part 1 - SHLAA Site Schedule (Del&DevSupply).pdf

NuLBC Appendix A part 2 - SHLAA Sites Assessed Excluded.pdf

NULBC PlayingPitch Strategy Final (Feb 2015)

Newcastle under Lyme Open Space Strategy Final 2017

Newcastle under Lyme Green Infrastructure Strategy 2017

NuLBC Core Strategy Final Version - 2009.pdf

Newcastle Local Plan 2011(updated 2003)

Saved Policies of the Newcastle-under-Lyme Local Plan 2011.pdf

Map of NuLBC saved policies 2009

Staffordshire Landscape descriptions structure plan 2011 Volume3

Traffic report on A51/A53 junction

Plans for traffic report A53/A51

Aecom Loggerheads NP_SEA Scoping Report_final v.2.0_250717.pdf

Strategic Environmental Assessment for Loggerheads N PLan Oct17

Habitats Regulations Assessment FINAL

Habitats regs assess Appendix 1 List of European sites

16. Map of Broadband coverage summer 2016