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Sunday 22 April 2018

The final Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to Newcastle under Lme Borough Council on 1 February 2018. copy her.

Legislation requires that submitted with the Plan is a Basic Conditions Statement, A Consultation Statement, A Strategic Environment Assessment (if one was required which it was for Loggerheads) and an Equalities Impact Assessment. These can be found below

Neighbourhood Plan V2.18submission version

Loggerheads NP Basic Conditions Statement FINAL 2 PDF.pdf

Consultation statement.pdf

Appendix A :N Plan Consultation Plan with Activity Log

Consultation Statement Appendix B & C

Appendix D Consultation Bodies

Appendix E of Consulatation Statement Responses from pre sub consultation.pdf

Strategic Environment Assessment FINAL inc Scoping Report.pdf

 Equality Impact Assessment JAN18.pdf


The Draft Neighbourhood Plan that was consulted on is attached for you to read.  

Loggerheads Neighbourhood Plan V2.17