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The final Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to Newcastle under Lme Borough Council on 1 February 2018. A copy can be viewed from link below.

Legislation requires that submitted with the Plan is a Basic Conditions Statement, A Consultation Statement, A Strategic Environment Assessment (if one was required which it was for Loggerheads) and an Equalities Impact Assessment. These can be found below.

Regulation 16 has finished and 7 representations were received by Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council.  These can be viewed below together with the Neighbourhood Plan and Parish Council's response to these representations. 

An examiner was appointed on 10 July 2018, Christopher Collison BA(Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED MCMI IHBC.  His letter confirming how he will conduct his independent examination can be viewed hereEmail from examiner at start of exam.docx

The examiner has written to the Parish Council and Borough Council seeking clarification of a few matters.  His request is attached here.Examiner clrification request July 18.docx  The joing response from the Parish Council and Borough Council is attached here Joint Response to Examiner clarification request July 18 FINAL.docx

The Examiner has written to the Parish Council and Borough Council seeking their agreement to a confidential check for accuracy of the Examiners report.  The Parish Council has agreed to this.  The Examiners letter is attached.Email from examiner

On 23rd August the Examiner wrote to the Parish Council and Borough Council seeking clarifiaction on the amended Habitats regulations screeening .  This is attached here Email from examiner re habitats regs screening.docx

The Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening was updated on 25 August , new version attached here.HRA screening Loggerheads NP V2_18.pdf  Appendix 1 List of European sites Aug 2018.pdf

Finalised version of Habitats Ragulations Assessment Screening after consultation with Natural England and Environment AgencyHRA screening Loggerheads NP V2_18 Updated Oct 2018 FINAL COMPLETE.pdf

The Examinres report was received on 7th November 2018.  Read it here. Loggerheads NDP Report of Independent Examination 061118.pdf

Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council made the decision on 16 November to proceed to referendum .  the decison statement is here LNDP Decision Statement COMPLETE.pdf

Submitted documents below:

Neighbourhood Plan V2.18submission version

Loggerheads NP Basic Conditions Statement FINAL 2 PDF.pdf

Consultation statement.pdf

Appendix A :N Plan Consultation Plan with Activity Log

Consultation Statement Appendix B & C

Appendix D Consultation Bodies

Appendix E of Consulatation Statement Responses from pre sub consultation.pdf

Strategic Environment Assessment FINAL inc Scoping Report.pdf

 Equality Impact Assessment JAN18.pdf


The Draft Neighbourhood Plan that was consulted on is attached for you to read.  

Loggerheads Neighbourhood Plan V2.17


Regulation 16 responses:

from police.docx

from Borough Council re playing fields.docx

From Natural England .pdf

From Historic England.pdf

Highways England.pdf

Environment Agency.pdf

Gladman Development .pdf


The Parish Council's response to Reg 16 representation Parish Council Comments for Reg 16.docx