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Monday 17 December 2018


In addition to the main Council, which all members are duty bound to attend, there are three further committees: (if you click on the title of the Committee below you will find further information, ie councillors on the Committee, past agendas and minutes.)
Finance (generally meets on the second Monday of each month at 2pm – unless there is insufficient business to discuss)
Planning (meets at 7pm on the evening of the full parish council meeting - third Monday of each month)

Personnel /Standards  (meets as required)


The Council also sets up Working Groups as required to assist with Council business.  Members of the public can be co-opted onto Working Groups.

Foothpaths and Environment Group is made up of Cllrs Butterworth, Chamberlain, Claydon, Fox, Door, Henshaw, Knight and Sedgley

Highways Group is Cllrs Butterworth, Coulson, Friend and Sedgley.

Youth Group is Cllrs Chamberlain, Fox and Henshaw.

Strategic Planning Group is Cllrs Door, Gibson, Knight, Martin and Swetman and Vallings.

Neighbourhood Plan Group is Cllrs Fox, Door, Gibson, Knight, Martin, Swetman and Vallings.

Communications and Engagement Group is Cllrs Butterworth, Coulson, Henshaw Sedgley and Vallings.

Commemoration Group is Cllrs Chamberlain, Claydon and Swetman.

Open Spaces Working Group is Cllrs Coulson, Fox and Swetman.