Tel: 01630 673 426
Thursday 17 January 2019

Loggerheads Ward

Councillor Don Butterworth

5 Brockhill, Loggerheads TF9 4RL 07508753143 

Councillor Peter Chamberlain

3 Fox Hollow, Loggerheads, TF9 4DE  01630 673153

Councillor Dave Coulson

31 Birch Rise,Loggerheads TF9 4PZ

Councillor Leah Gibson


Councillor Pat Henshaw

12 Hugo Way, Loggerheads TF9 4RP  07867 803371

Councillor Ed Martin

Whitehouse Farm, Mucklestone Wood Lane, Loggerheads TF9 4EF 07974 110076

Councillor Ray Salmon

Councillor Andy Swetman

14 Sharpland, Loggerheads TF9 4RN 07885290590 

 Ashley Ward

Councillor Sue Fox

1 Vacancy

Broad Acres, 95 Wesleyan Road, Ashley TF9 4JT 01630 672358

Councillor Bunty Hodgkins

New House Farm, 88 Weslyan road, Ashley TF9 4JT  01630 672255


Councillor Mike Lee

14 Springfield, Loggerheads TF9 4JR   07922123861

 Councillor Dave Swan

7 Woodrow Way, Ashley TF9 4LJ 07584062729 


Mucklestone Ward

Councillor Jamie Friend

Mucklestone Old Rectory, Mucklestone TF9 4DN 01630 672188

Councillor Graham Sedgley

Quarry Farm, Napley Heath TF9 4DP  01952 840444 

Councillor Jim Vallings

6 Chetwode Close, Knighton TF9 4RN 07979 918453
Tyrley Ward
Councillor Roy Claydon

Broomhall Lodge, Peatswood, Market Drayton TF9 2PA  01630 655157

Councillor John Knight

35 Tyrley Cottage, Tyrley Wharf, Tyrley TF9 2AH 01630 653198

Councillor  Karen Bennett 

The Old Stables, Tyrley T99 2AH 07931 222849

Vacancies may be filled by co-option. Any person wishing to serve as a Councillor is invited to contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

All Parish Councillors can be contacted via 01630 673426 or email  or write to

Loggerheads Parish council at Loggerheads Community Fire Station, Market Drayton Road, Loggerheads, Shropshire TF9 4EZ