Tel: 01630 673 426
Saturday 24 February 2018

Loggerheads Ward

Councillor Don Butterworth

Councillor Peter Chamberlain

Councillor Dave Coulson

Councillor Ian Douglas

Councillor Leah Gibson

Councillor Pat Henshaw
Councillor Gerald Hughes

Councillor Ed Martin

Councillor Andy Swetman

 Ashley Ward

Councillor Sue Fox

Councillor Bunty Hodgkins

Councillor Victoria Door

Councillor Dave Swan

Mucklestone Ward

Councillor Jamie Friend

Councillor Graham Sedgley

Councillor Jim Vallings
Tyrley Ward
Councillor Roy Claydon

Councillor John Knight

Councillor John Pimlott

Vacancies may be filled by co-option. Any person wishing to serve as a Councillor is invited to contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

All Parish Councillors can be contacted via 01630 673426 or email  or write to

Loggerheads Parish council at Loggerheads Community Fire Station, Market Drayton Road, Loggerheads, Shropshire TF9 4EZ